Frequently Asked Questions

Why Vamp til Ready?
If they should happen to wake up during one of our performances, people are often puzzled by the origin of our name. "Vamp til Ready" is a musical term, common in vocal scores, instructing the pianist to play the same short sequence of bars over and over again until the vocalist is ready to begin. Vamp til Ready enthusiasts will usually notice such a sequence at the beginning of most of our gigs.

How should I spell Vamp til Ready?
VtR fans frequently ask the correct way to spell the collective name for their heroes. Vamp till Ready, Vamp until Ready and Vamp ‘til Ready all feature in the voluminous correspondence which we receive daily.
Fowler’s Modern English Usage (Oxford, 1998), as ever, provides enlightenment. In general, until is used more formally than till, occurring an estimated six times as frequently in edited prose as its less formal synonym. Surprisingly, till is not a contraction of until; they are separate words having different etymologies, deriving from Old Norse and Old High Gothic respectively. ‘til is a common contemporary abbreviation for until, and should be used only when preceded by a single quotation mark.
However, since Vamp til Ready is in effect a trade name, its correct spelling is the one used by the Boys with the Obedient Feet as shown earlier in this sentence.

Is there an acceptable abbreviation for your name?
We like to use "VtR".

Whence derives your soubriquet?
The use of our soubriquet (The Boys with the Obedient Feet) is a tribute to the late comedian Max Wall, who as a novelty dancer in his youth appeared on music hall bills as ‘The Boy with the Obedient Feet’.

Have you always been Vamp til Ready?
The supergroup the public now celebrates as VtR has a long and distinguished lineage, directly traceable through 80s and 90s legends Gilbert, Sullivan and Friends, Not the Young Savoyards, The Vivienne Risley Singers and the unforgettable Songs Familiar, each of which featured the same four current Vamps (Tony Bogod, Martin Elliff, Nick King and Dave Simpson).
A list of the artistes with whom these proto-Vamps shared a green room prior to their elevation to Vamphood reads like a roll-call gleaned from the awards nominations pages of New Musical Express, Melody Maker, Hot Sounds and Garage Today. It includes Graham Adams, Sweep Armstrong, Joy Ashby, Steve Ashby, Richard Duce, Dave Elder, Rachel King, Stephanie King, Janet Pearson, Glenn Smith and Imogen Wolff.

Who else has been in Vamp til Ready?
Former members of VtR include Carl "Slide Vamp" Smith, Terry "Eurosceptic Vamp" Saunders, Colin "Angel Vamp" Smith, Paul "Lofty Vamp" Turnbull, Ken "Varicose Vamp" Williams and Richard "Newsreader Vamp" Baker.

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