From: Sarah Tunkel
Date: 10/06/2015 09:16
To: Tony Bogod
Subject: Thank You!!!!!

Hi Tony

This is my personal note of appreciation for what you and the Vamps did the other night at shul. You were all so energetic and joyful, and you took the room along with you. I loved the variety of different musical styles, and also your inventiveness in props, instruments, etc. Altogether a fantastic performance! You must have such fun rehearsing together - you are very lucky to have found such a great group of like-minded people to make music with. We've had many lovely compliments on the whole evening, and as you know we made quite a few bob too so it was clearly a very successful formula.

Please also be sure to thank Martin, Martin, Nick, Dave and Stephanie for giving up their time to entertain us.

I would have written sooner but I've been too busy jiggling round my dining room and clattering round my bedroom, as my husband will confirm.