From: Christopher Day
Date: 26/10/2014 00:14
To: [email protected]
Subject: Well Done!

I was in the audience at Sarratt tonight. This was the second time we had seen you in the past year and my wife and I were equally delighted tonight as the first time.

As you are presumably aware you were singing to an audience of singers tonight - and I am sure that at least a few of them perhaps thought beforehand that they could do it as well. However, the buzz around the hall at the interval and afterwards was "Wow!". You showed that you were way above their class.

I sing in a Barbershop quartet and an SATB quartet so I am perhaps more aware than most just how difficult your arrangements are. They were stunning. I lost count of the key changes in one of the numbers - in consecutive chords!

"The Longest Time" was worth the price of the ticket alone. I have been tempted to try this one with the SATB quartet and your performance inspired us to give it a go.

Thanks for another great night out.


Chris Day