Holy Trinity Northwood Parish Magazine - September 2010
Vamp til Ready Review

Playing to a packed church hall on 17 July, ”The Boys With The Obedient Feet”
entertained many, including our reviewer!

Imagine a full church hall, a crowd waiting with anticipation for what they know will be a musical evening, but with little other idea of what form that it will take. The next thing that they know is that there are 6 men dancing across the stage wearing old fashioned bathing suits and rubber rings, singing ‘I love to go swimming with women’, amongst other weird and wonderful things! This was ’Vamp til Ready’, a group who provide musical entertainment and fun solely for charity. Amateur only in name, their performances were polished and professional, ranging from melodious musical theatre numbers to a capella six part harmony a la The Flying Pickets. Humour was key, with a witty compère, not to mention the range of props which I'm sure came at the greatest expense ..... the AED’s (audible enhancement devices) looked like they were made of the highest grade rolled up cardboard. All in all it was a great evening with lots of music, laughter and surprises quite unlike any performance l have seen before.

Thanks must go to Tim and Sue Gwynne-Evans and Tom and Felicity Yuille for enabling and organising the event which raised £800 for the Trinity Corner Appeal.

Oh, and if you're wondering what the name means .... when a pianist is waiting for a performer to start to sing, and has to play a repeating refrain till the main tune starts - he's vamping ’till ready!

Jenny Bartlett