Nottingham Progressive Synagogue
Lloyd Street
Nottingham, NG5 4BP

2nd July 2003

I am writing to thank you for the superbly entertaining evening you recently gave us.

Having been at the previous shows, I was a bit concerned that this one might be a bit less entertaining - you know what it is like when you go back to a restaurant that was superb the first time you went it is often a bit disappointing when you go back. Needless to say, there was no such disappointment during this evening - you were just as fresh and original as the first time around!

I am sure that the addition of the ingénue(!) will have helped - he has a great voice and the chemistry between you all really seems to work. What is more, together you have raised more than £300 towards synagogue funds. On behalf of the Officers, Council and members of NPJC, I want to thank you again for the generosity of the whole group in donating your time and hard work to help to raise this money.

I hope that you find the hats an inspiration - they are certainly appropriate!

Kind regards,

Paula Scott