Nottingham Progressive Synagogue
Lloyd Street
Nottingham, NG5 4BP

28th November 2000

On behalf of the Officers, Council and members of Nottingham Progressive Jewish Congregation, I am writing to thank you for the wonderfully memorable evening that you recently gave us.

I wasn't able to be at your previous appearance, but numerous people told me (repeatedly!) how good you were then and how good you were going to be this time, so my expectations were high - and they were more than exceeded!

It was a really great evening. It takes a special kind of talent to put together a show that can hold an audience and can keep them entertained and enjoying themselves for over 2 hours, and I know from the comments and feedback, and the way people smile when they recall the evening, that this is what you did most successfully. Your MCs timing is immaculate (I'm sorry I can't remember his name). The balance between you all is just right. The talent and professionalism of all those involved is self-evident, and maybe the best thing of all is that you look like you are really enjoying yourselves too!

You will know from David and Natalie that together you have raised more than 500 towards synagogue funds. We really appreciate the generosity of the whole group in donating your time and hard work to help to raise this money. Thank you again.

I hope that you will convey these thoughts and thanks to the others, and I look forward to meeting you again soon.

Paula Scott