The Squirrels
Middlesex, HA5 3BD

December 14th 1998

Vamp til Ready - Compass Theatre

I must congratulate you on a splendid show last night. A very varied mixture which was most entertaining. It has been very well put together, well rehearsed and presented very slickly. There is no doubt that the audience thoroughly enjoyed it as I am sure you will know from the reception they gave you and the calls for ’more’.

I am most appreciative of your time, effort and interest in helping us with our very essential fund-raising activities. For your information I will be able to donate £450.00 towards the funds and this is a splendid effort by all concerned.

In the audience were several organisers of musical and light opera groups and concert style entertainments. They were unanimous in their praise. There were also several organising secretaries and I would not be surprised if you get an enquiry or two for future events.

Do please pass on to your colleagues my congratulations and my appreciation and I hope you will be able to pay us a return visit, perhaps next year.

Thank you and best wishes for future engagements.

Maurice Ray